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'Bugle Boys of Valcartier'

Bugle Boys of Valcartier started with a story quilts, of two 16 year old boys stationed at Valcartier Quebec for training before the first world war.  Trained as bugle boys, these two shipped off to France.  They relayed messages to the troops in the the thick of battle. 


Read the story of the Bugle Boys, showcased on the quilt.  It contains a photograph of the boys, embellished with acrylic paints, photos of Valcartier and the tents they lived in.  Enjoy

'Glass Cut Cloth'

Picture this - a crystal vase full of coloured cloth and threads, set out in the full sun. Picture me with an Ipad and the Kaliedoscope camera trained on the crystal to take multiple pictures. 


They were loaded into photoshop, sent to Spoonflower, and printed on fabric. 


The result is a beautiful wall hanging, free motion quilted with Wonderfil threads, embellished and bound to showcase the edges.

'Where are your Boys?'

This is a map of Winterswijk, The Netherlands, during the 2nd World War. 


My father-in-law Hendrick Jan Simmelink hid from the Germans, and he and his brother and father participated as part of the Resistance, risking their lives to help others. 


From the story of their lives during those years, to their families and faith, I've created this map as a tribute to him.

'Kaleidoscope Series'

The quilts in this series are a departure from the traditional quilts that I make.


First, I take photographs and manipulate them in Photoshop. Then I have the images printed onto fabric, and then free motion quilt and embellish the piece... It really brings it to a new level! 


Enjoy the journey through these quilts.


This quilt is a riot of colour, and includes three different colour ways of the same fabric, among other choices. It includes 3D flowers, embellished with beads and buttons. 


You either love or hate this one, it has a huge presence on a wall with light on it! Notice the blocks on point that draw your eyes up the quilt, the use of yellow to draw your eye around the quilt, and a calm background to give your eyes some place to rest. 


The entire background of this quilt is heavily quilted first before all 3D elements applied. This is so it can lay flat on a wall.

'Please Don't Leave Yet'

This quilt is a loving tribute to my children, both who have now flown the coop!


The drama of a mother who knows that soon the birds must fly. Notice how the mother AND the tree are trying to keep her curious babies in grasp! 


All pieces are individually bound and free motion quilting using Wonderfil thread. Hand dyed background, embroidery work, and mother of pearl shell beads, and embellished leaves make this piece one of a kind! 


This poppy quilt is a riot of colour! Such a fun wall hanging to make. It shows a a lot of movement via the free motion thread work and hand dyed fabric. 


Notice the separator border, the unique binding, the sizzle of colour, and contrast.

'Don't Pass Me By'

This 34" wall hanging started as a photograph I took of a daisy in a field of a million daisies. It was made as a response to my workplace Diversity Festival.


It means this - Please don't pass people's opinions by because they are in a lower position.  Everyone's experiences and knowledge are different and valuable.

'Prairie Fields From Above'

This small experimental wall hanging was formed in my mind during a trip across Canada in the fall after the crops have been harvested. Crossing over Saskatchewan, I saw the marked landscapes, farm buildings, roads, and lines where machines went round and round the fields. 


This quilt has two layers of batting, was free motion quilted, tea dyed, and embellished with beads. 

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