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Mixed Media

'Irish Cottage'

This little handkerchief was painted with acrylics, embroidered, and framed using tatting. I then laid on top of a small wallhanging to depict a village house in Ireland. 

'Madame Hen'

This fun quilt depicts that staunch mother hen in the garden with her baby chick, and their lives. 


Using inking, painted cotton duck, embroidery and embellishments, this story comes to life. The bottom includes the actual page from a deteriorated book of the same name - Madame Hen! 

'Rose Blossoms of Ice'

Inspired by "Smilla's Sense of Snow" by Peter Hoeg, I created this wallhanging to showcase my love of his writing about how ice crystals form in the arctic. While trying to read with a broken right elbow, I was entranced by the words, no matter how painful it was to turn the pages! 


This quilt was made using acrylic paints, wool rovings, antique mother of pearl buttons on a quilted background.

'Nesting in Spring'

This mixed media wall hanging incorporates painting on canvas, free motion quilting with wool rovings, and a wee nest filled with all sorts of threads, wools and feathers. The bird is a paper napkin, carefully cut out and applied with gel medium, then painted.

'What Have We Here?'

This fun wall hanging depicts a cashe of treasures from a small woodland creature and includes bark, nuts, copper wire, a stone, silk, wool rovings, feathers, and a small free motion quilted background.

'What's on the Twitterwire?'

These quirky birds were painted and inked on canvas, then free motion quilted. All was laid on a free motion quilted base layer. Notice that all the birds have their own style and personalities - which one resonates with you the most!?

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