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Follow my Facebook page: Sandy Simmelink - Fibre Artist and Teacher in the Art of Fine Quilting!

Last week, I launched my very own Facebook page dedicated to all things quilting! I'll be sharing new pieces I am working on, pictures and articles that inspire me, blog posts, news and announcements.

Even if you're not a quilter yourself, it's a GREAT group to join to be inspired, ask questions, and perhaps motivate you to try some form of art yourself! Art doesn't just enhance your creativity, it teaches you to take risks and be open-minded. It enhances fine motor skills, problem solving skills, lateral thinking, and critical thinking skills. Art awakens your imagination, and helps you learn to communicate with colour, shape, and form.

You'll get so much joy from looking at the final product and thinking "I MADE THAT!"

Here's the link to my Facebook page:

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