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My Favourite References & Resources

  • Godey’s Ladies Book Archives This American women's magazine was published in Philadelphia from 1830 to 1878. It was the most widely circulated magazine in the period before the Civil War. Its circulation rose from 70,000 in the 1840s to 150,000 in 1860.

  • 18th Century Embroidery Techniques by Gail Marsh This book will help you gain insights into the working life of 18th-century embroiderers; and study the tools, equipment, stitches, and threads employed to embroider everything from petticoats to a polonaise robe.

  • History of Lace by Mrs. Bury Palliser History of Lace is a book that belongs in the library of every needleworker as well as among the reference books of costume and cultural historians. It is a comprehensive, anecdotal, and profusely illustrated chronicle of an age-old art that has adorned and embellished the clothing and accoutrements of mankind since earliest times.

  • Encyclopedia of Needlework by Therese de Dillmont The Encyclopedia of Needlework is a classic reference covering all aspects of needlework, including my favourite chapter: Irish Lace.

  • The Encyclopedia of Embroidery Techniques by Suzanne Trocme A comprehensive directory of embroidery techniques for both the beginner and the experienced embroiderer.

  • Quilting Arts Magazine Quilting Arts magazine has been THE magazine for readers who want to explore the ideas, techniques and textiles of embellished and contemporary art quilting. Each issue is filled with design inspiration from world-renowned artists, great projects with step-by-step directions, gorgeous full-colour photographs, and lots of motivation for developing your own personal style and creating one-of-a-kind art.

  • Bridal Couture, Fine Sewing Techniques for Wedding Gowns by Susan Khalji Susan Khalje guides readers through the principles and techniques of designing, constructing, and embellishing wedding gowns and evening wear

  • Couture Sewing Techniques by Clair Shaeffer Fashion historian Claire B. Shaeffer opened the door to this exclusive realm in her authoritative guide to the techniques that define couture sewing.

  • The Sheelin Irish Lace Shop and Museum Located in Ballanaleck, Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh, Northern Ireland  Article: Identifying Laces

  • Color Play by Joen Wolfrom Features 24 colours and combinations that look fabulous in quilts.

  • Adventures in Design by Joen Wolfrom This is the quilter's design textbook, using Joen's internationally-acclaimed expertise and talent to illustrate the seven principals of design: line, shape, color, value, texture, proportion, and scale.

  • Color Confidence for Quilters by Jinny Beyer’s Jinny Beyer introduces you to her exciting colour system, which simplifies all of your colour choices. Her concept of a master palette for quilters revolutionized the quilting field, making it easy to create hundreds of breathtaking colour combinations. The 124 colours from Jinny Beyer's Palette, now in industry standard, have been reproduced in this book with instructions on how to create your own master palette

  • Raising the Surface with Machine Embroidery by Maggie Grey This sourcebook on embroidery in relief ranges from lightly textured pieces to 3-D textile sculptures. Clear diagrams supplement detailed step-by-step text. It includes details on producing backgrounds, often using experimental or unusual materials, frames, masks and high-relief panels.

Some other great reads...

  • Creative Quilts by Sandra Meech

  • Art Quilt Maps by Valerie S. Goodwin

  • Caring for Textiles by Dr. Karen Finch, O.B.E. & Greta Putnam

  • A Silk Worker’s Notebook by Cheryl Kolander

  • Floral Stitches by Judith Baker Montano

  • Elegant Stitches by Judith Baker Montano

  • Fabric by Mitchell Beazley

  • Silk by Mary Schoeser

  • Lace by Virginia Churchill Bath (1979 Reprint)

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