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Needle Case Collection

Here is a closer look of my needle case and thread collection! Flip through the slideshow below, and then take a moment to read through the history of each piece! Enjoy!

A little bit about each piece from my collection!

  • The "Betty Boop" thread doll was found at a garage sale for 25 cents!

  • The red plastic apple has a green steel leaf that when pulled, reveals a measuring tape. There is an inscription on the bottom from "The United Device Corp" Great Neck New York, Patent Pending.

  • The small red spool of thread is inscribed "H.B. Colour Garanti", and has a Turkey Red postage stamp included under the first few rows of thread. Of course, this would have been used for turkey red thread work quilts.

  • I have a collection of Barbours Linen Thread from Ireland, this is 3 Cord, No. 40, 2 Ounce spool

  • The sterling silver thimble is really a one ounce shot glass.

  • The collection of needle cases are my favourite treasures. The little gold "Valise" box is made of cardboard with guilding on the front. It has a label "Made Specially for The T. EATON Co Limited, Toronto and Winnipeg", and contains different needles and compartments.

  • The Blue leather box with tan leather interior contains a complete sewing kit. In it is also a button hook, an awl, and a pearl handled knife.

  • The "Gold Eyes" burgundy leather case with silver edges is especially lovely and contains different leather sleeves of needles, a felt liner, needles, and is embossed in gold "Manufacture of Needles Limited"

  • The black "Needles" Arthur Balfour & Co. (Canada Limited, MONTREAL, HAMILTON, AND SHEFFIELD, England, I believe is the oldest item in my collection, dating to approximately 1900. It contains tan leather sleeves embossed in gold with the names and sizes of all the needles, and a full set of the needles. There is a very similar one in the collection of the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, England.

  • There is a red leather German made needle case that lies flat when opened, complete with thimble, needles, threads and other tools.

  • The leather shoe pin cushions were purchased in Lancaster PA, USA on a trip to see the quilt show as well as visit antique malls. They are exquisitely made by a shoemaker, with wooden heels and come complete with leather soles.

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