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The quilt block in "Jewelbox Memories" which honours my Mom, Catherine M. Girling

My quilt "Jewelbox Memories" has a very special block I made in honour of my Mom, Catherine M. Girling. This blog post describes the story and inspiration behind it! Enjoy!

Roses and peonies are doing very well this year! I look around our beautiful garden and the combination of heat, sun and rain has really helped them to prosper! One of my favourite memories growing up was all the flowers in our backyard. My mom, sister and I would clean the house Saturday morning, and then we would pick flowers and put them around the house in small vases. It is a favourite tradition of mine as well! I am ALWAYS on the hunt for small, beautiful crystal vases to add to my collection.

Another favourite memory of mine was of my Grandma’s light-purple glass vase, complete with a glass handle. My sister now has that vase in her collection, and I've seen many of them of them over the years in various antique shops. Here are a couple of vases in my collection - the large one is identical to my Grandma's, only clear!

The pictures below are an example how I sprinkle the flower-filled vases all over the house!

The first picture is of close family members - my Mom, Stepdad, Dad, Mother and Father-in-law, and pictures of my children when they were little. I love to keep these pictures and flowers next to our antique mantle clock!

The second picture is of my favourite vase - a very skinny, flat vase that sits on the window sill!

My mom died when she was only 55 years old. I think of her often, so I created a quilt block to honour her memory and to remember all those Saturdays spent picking flowers.

The block centre is a handkerchief edge with her initial on it surrounded by roses, and the inking was done with Pigma marker.

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